Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to help the Voice and Throat

Useful techniques to help the voice and throat:

1. Warm-ups:  

lip trill

sss - zzz, sh – ggg, fff – vvv, mmm – nnn

mmm-ar-mmm, mmm-ee-mmm, mmm-igh-mmm, mmm-or-mmm, 

mmm-air-mmm, mmm-er-mmm, mmm-oo-mmm

hum, humming up and down, humming,

singing a song/nursery rhyme

counting, read out loud.

2. Make vocal yawning, sighing, whimpering

3. Steaming - Use a cup full of boiling water and breathe in steam for few minutes. Helps to lubricate throat. 

Note: Do not cover head in the boiling steam.

4. Breathing in with quick diaphragmatic (tummy) breathes.

5. Posture – Do not work at computer for more than 50 minutes, then take a break. Frequently look out the window

6. Relaxation – Make sure do something everyday to help with relaxation.

7. Emotions – Try to be objective with emotions.

8. Drink plenty of water.

9. Do Not: shout, whisper, strain or clear throat.

10. Swallow instead of clearing throat.

Have you ever suffered from problems with your voice? What helped you?  Please comment on your ideas and experiences below.

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