Friday, 17 December 2010

About YOU & ME Yoga


Yoga Opening Understanding & Meaningful Experience

Maria Gunstone is Author, Director and Tutor of the YOU & ME Yoga system for people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities of all abilities. Including babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. This unique yoga system uses colour to simplify learning and specialises in individualised programme planning, training and development.

‘I provide highly sophisticated special needs yoga training and teaching materials for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and therapists i.e. physios and OTs.’

The YOU & ME Yoga system comprises sound, colour and Whole-Body-Movement. It has been westernised using language and terminology for ease of understanding for all concerned. The ethos of the system is the colouring of the 42 techniques appropriately for stimulating the seven different coloured parts of the body. Enabling the teaching and learning processes to result in suitable yoga programmes for each individuals’ needs and abilities.

The aim is to improve the client’s quality of life by increasing their mobility, dexterity, concentration, adaptive behaviour, communication, sensory-awareness and self-confidence.

YOU & ME Yoga

• Yoga therapy for individuals
• Teacher training for professionals
• User-friendly distance learning modules
• On-line support, tutorials and masterclasses

Contact Maria Gunstone
Tel: 020 8302 4231 / 07734 014876

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